I always had this image of Tokyo before I came here and it was much like Shibuya. Twice a week, I change trains at the bustling Shibuya station on my way to teach in Sangenjaya.  Yes, the busiest cross walk in the world is there–and its a sight to see.  In fact,  I remember the first time I had to leave the station to change trains when I heard a fervent hum in the air–a cacophony of sound emanating from the thousands of people, electricity and trains that literally pierces through the body.    Shibuya is energetic, dense and teaming with tourists.  Many locals and natives avoid it. When I once told Yuri that I was going to Shibuya, she said “Why go there?”  I will admit that I’ve come to like other parts of Tokyo for shopping or walking around and actually there are more neighborhoods that reflect the “real” Tokyo.  However, I’m not through with Shibuya yet and curiosity makes me leave the station on my way to Sangenjaya to walk around and take in the zany spectacle of it all.

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