Photo by Yvette Hamaya

Now the focus shifts back to life in Los Angeles along with teaching and practicing yoga. What’s different?  What has changed?  The theme since returning in July seems to be about “revisiting” familiar territory with a new attitude. I got busy teaching right away, navigating my way through clogged streets, highways in endless traffic.  Nevertheless, it was great to come back and see my students and colleagues. Thanks to a great team of subs (Lee Wolfort, Veronica Wolkow, Kiyomi Takahashi, Suzanne Dunn and Jocelyn Kay Levy) I had classes to come back too! It’s not easy keeping a class subbed out for three months.

Before Class at South Bay, 12:00

There have been a number of social events over the past few weeks that have highlighted an undercurrent theme,  “reunions.’  Many of them taking place during summer evenings against a backdrop of extraordinary and magical sunsets that are unique to our environment. One weekend shortly after getting back, I met up with a long-time friend and colleague, Lynn Carmichael, to attend an outdoor event at the Barnsdall Art Park in Hollywood. On the lawn of the Hollyhock House, everyone stopped awe-struck, to take a picture of this spectacular Technicolor sunset.  Inspired and appreciative, I stood and thought how this glorious scene made me joyous about the prospects of new beginnings.

By coincidence, I’ve also had the opportunity to re-unite with many of my Yoga Works 300hr Professional Program colleagues over past few weeks. The women from our class (2007) have been getting together for potlucks periodically to celebrate major events or simply connect.  Coincidentally, Keiko Okuno from Tokyo was passing through town and we all gathered for a vegetarian soiree at Brenda Johnson’s house in Venice to celebrate the arrival of Amy Rose Stabley’s angelic baby son, Mateo.

Andrea Wagner, Michelle Sachs, Kiyomi Takahashi, Mateo Stabley, Heather Ehlers, Romy Phillips, Amy Rose Stabley, Keiko Okuno, Brenda Johnson

Keiko Okuno with Mateo Stabley

I also met up with Jessica Kang for an amazing and long-anticipated photo shoot with Fluid Frame Photography—we hadn’t seen each other since she left for Hong Kong shortly after graduating from our 300 hr.  Program, which was followed by stints in Korea & India.

So far, I’ve been able to maintain the positive changes and keep planning for the future.  I’m forging ahead teaching and am also busy organizing upcoming retreats—La Casa de Maria in Montecito, CA this fall and Hawaii with David Kim & Yvette Hamaya in the spring.

(For information on the retreat at La Casa De Maria, September 22 & 23, please visit   www.romyphillipsyoga.com

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