The Tokyo Diary 2013: A New Chapter

IMG_1590_1I’m back in Tokyo for another teacher training.  Just one year ago, which seems like yesterday, I was here to lead my first teacher training for Yogaworks at  one of their affiliate studios, YogaPlus.  It’s my only my second time leading a training and I have thirty-two students enrolled!!  I’m very fortunate to have Yuri Nakamura and Kosai Kato as my translators for the program.  They translated for my classes last year and have grown and evolved in their teaching over these past months.

Yuri at Gotanda

Yuri Nakamura

portrait of Kosai

Kosai Kato

In addition, I will be teaching five yoga classes a week at various YogaPlus studios throughout the Tokyo metropolitan area—Kichijoji, Sangenjaya, Yokohoma, Gotanda and Shinjuku.   I arrived here on February 28 and have already begun working;  completing a full week of classes and two weekends of the teacher training.  I’m staying in Gotanda again in a new place near the train station, so at least I’m in familiar surroundings.

I made so many new friends last year and feel welcomed back as if I were family. I’ve been  enjoying emotional reunions with former students and teachers I met last year.  Although I’ve only been here for one hectic week, I feel grateful to have been invited back and am once again appreciating  all of the incredible sights, food and culture that Japan has to offer. No doubt, there will be many challenges and adventures in the weeks ahead and this experience will undoubtedly inspire new stories to tell.860115_456633811075180_1930156531_o


4 thoughts on “The Tokyo Diary 2013: A New Chapter

  1. Romy! So happy to hear that you are all settled in Tokyo . We miss you and can’t wait to read about all your amazing adventures in Japan . Love from all your South Bay people. Take care.


    • So nice to hear from you Jackie! Yes, I literally “hit the ground running” with training and five classes a week. This time at different locations around Tokyo. I have time to put a blog post this week—I hope! I hope you and everyone at South Bay are doing fine and “yogaing” away!


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