Hanami Extravaganza: Meguro River

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I was fortunate to be in Tokyo for  my first “Hanami” and the widespread festivities welcoming the spring season. The city was literally ablaze in a blizzard of pale pink  petals with celebrations escalating as the blossoms peaked. I was told that the short-lived, delicate “sakura” (cherry blossoms)  would be gone by the first rain. Although we were experiencing chilly, cloudy weather, I ran with camera in hand to prime spots that were suggested to me. I too got caught up in the festivities and the excitement visiting the Meguro River in Nakemeguro; Shinjuku Gyoen and Inokoshira Park–each site offering a unique Hanami experience.

Since the Meguro River offered the most fantastic blooms of these excursions, I thought it would be interesting to visit at night which I would find out later is referred to as “Yozakura,” night Hanami.  I was right, the sakura were just as spectacular with the heightened drama of the glowing lanterns strung along the river reflecting onto the branches and on the water below.  The walkways along the canal were teeming with an almost ritualistic procession of people. They spent continuous days and nights, strolling, taking pictures and enjoying treats from vendors who were selling food, drinks and glasses of rose champagne.

I took so many pictures that I decided to present my Hanami experience in three parts to retain the mood of each setting.

4 thoughts on “Hanami Extravaganza: Meguro River

  1. Hi Romy,

    This is Margaret from your Tue/Thur noon Yoga Works South Bay class. I enjoyed reading about your teaching experiences and other adventures in Japan on your blog. The photos of the cherry blossoms are incredibly beautiful!! They inspire me to visit Japan one day.

    Best Regards,

    • Hello Margaret! It’s nice to hear from you. I’m glad you liked the stories and photos–there wiil be more to come in the weeks ahead. The cherry blossoms were incredible, more than I expected. I hope you have a chance to visit Japan someday.

      See you in a few weeks!

    • Thanks Cin, parts two and three are on the way. I took so many images, I couldn’t just post one story. Perhaps I’ll find a use for some of the extras someday.


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