The Lotus Fan


I end the Tokyo Diary 2013 with a thoughtful reflection on my gift, the Lotus Fan, which was given to me by my students. The lotus flower has so many symbolic meanings, but foremost it signifies rebirth–emerging from the mud to bloom into a gorgeous flower which can be one of many hues–from white, to pink, red, purple or orange. But purple specifically represents; enlightenment, renewal, self awakening, and spirituality, which coincidentally applies to my personal experience of Japan. Each visit has helped me to connect to a deeper dimension of myself and encourage personal development.

As I wrote my memoir on 2013, I realized it was loaded with so many stimulating experiences  that it has literally taken me a year to edit the photos, compile the data, reminisce, and tell the story. Some people have asked me why I bother–so late after the fact.  I tell them that sharing my diary is wonderfully cathartic.

What  was different from my first trip in Tokyo?  The first year (2012) initiated a profound physical and emotional metamorphosis. I literally cleansed and purified on so many levels and emerged Inspired and rejuvenated.

The second year (2013) was about connecting with students and teachers at Yoga Plus on a deeper level, growing as an educator, making lasting friendships, being more adventurous and exploring.

Tokyo is a complex city, it takes time to discover hidden secrets and cultural treasures that are beneath the surface. I am back in Tokyo for Yogaworks, Teacher Training 2014, but I will wait to tell that story as ell, it’s already turning out be remarkably different…

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