Greetings From Tokyo!

A Rainy Spring Day in Downtown Gotanda, TokyoTHE TOKYO DIARY:  April 18 – July 2, 2012

I arrived in Tokyo on April 18, my first visit to Japan, to lead a Teacher Training for Yogaworks.  I’m staying in Gotanda, a neighborhood in the southern corner of this sprawling metropolis, Tokyo.  Gotanda is the “business district” and many major corporations are headquartered here: Shisedo, Subaru, Microsoft and more.  I’m staying in an apartment up the street from massive the TOC building. The photo above was taken one rainy morning in downtown Gotanda during my first few days here.  I was told that I just missed the cherry blossoms, but these trees were flowering and the petals drifting down the stream created a tranquil scene.  It rains  a lot her, almost daily and I was told that the rainy season doesn’t start until June!

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