The Teacher Training

The First Weekend

First Weekend of Teacher Training

This 200hr training that began on April 21 and runs until July 1, has a total of 28 students enrolled!  This a huge responsibility since it’s the first training I’ve led and on my own and without an assistant.  In addition, it’s being taught in Japanese and translated as I speak and write. The translator (Tomoko ) works by my side throughout the entire day. We start out each day with a practice and I spend the rest of the day lecturing, writing out sequences and lessons on a board which she translates in tandem.  This is an arduous process but, amazingly it flows well and the students seem to stay “tuned” in and understand the material.  Their manuals and books are written in Japanese (The Yogaworks Teacher Training manuals; Pantanjali’s, Yoga Sutras;  B.K.S. Iyengar’s, Light on Yoga; and Leslie Kaminoff’s, Yoga Anatomy.  The training in the US has a few more books, but these aren’t yet available in Japanese. However, there is still a way to bring that content into the training with additional assignments.

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