Sightseeing: Omotesando

One of my students suggested that I go to Omotesando, Harajuko and Yoyogi Park to look around. I had time after the workshop on Sunday, May 13 to do some sightseeing. The weather was great–no rain—and there was no teacher training that weekend. I spent the entire afternoon there and was pleasantly surprised—Omotesando and its surroundings reminded me of Soho, Tribeca and Paris infused with a distinct Japanese aesthetic. Omotesando is a fashionable neighborhood, with numerous boutiques and cafes highlighting unique architecture, design, clothing,  food and pastries.  I ventured down numerous streets and  never made it to Harajuku or Yoyogi Park that day. But the pictures tell the story–I think my favorite  image of that day would be of the young woman quietly strolling down chic Aoyama wearing a traditional kimono…

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