The Students

Yogaworks 200hr Teacher Training 2012, Tokyo

As I’ve mentioned, there are 28 students enrolled in the program. This would be challenging under any circumstances, but more so, if you consider the language obstacle and the tedious process of translating every word exchanged between me and the students. However, in spite of this fact, they are amazing!  All of them are kind, gracious and very enthusiastic about learning yoga and seem really happy to be in the program. There is one man and one American woman participating (she commutes two hours to get there). The students have great respect for Yogaworks and what the program has to offer.  It’s been touching to realize this and I feel extremely honored to be leading this training. We’ve completed two weekends so far and only one person had to drop out—-work commitments.  Regardless, 28 is more than enough to work with. We are going to spend lots of time together and I want to get know them, learn their names and hopefully inspire them to teach.  They said I will definitely learn how to speak Japanese!

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