The First Workshop

In addition to leading the training, I’m scheduled to teach four workshops during my stay here.  Still battling jet lag, I literally “hit the ground running” starting with the first weekend of teacher training on April 21 and the first workshop, “Surya Namaskar A & B” on the 27th.  I chose this topic because its rich with resources–variations, modifications,  and the repetition of asanas that reference anatomy & kinesiology relevant to the practice of yoga. This was a workshop for teachers with over 35 young instructors attending.  I was overwhelmed by the response and trembled as I took a seat before the group.  As the workshop got underway, my nervousness subsided and I began to connect to their movements, their breath and the words flowed. A workshop that was supposed to be three hours quickly turned into four.  I love this photo of beaming participants taken at the end of the workshop.

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