Los Angles Ballet Summer Intensive, 2013

I will always be grateful for the five years I spent as faculty member  teaching yoga at the Los Angeles Ballet Summer Intensive.  Due to a busy schedule teaching abroad, I referred the class to another colleague last year. I recently came across these images from the last week in July 2013  that I wanted to share. ( There is also a  earlier post from summer 2012 that you’re welcome to look at).

Overall, It’s been rewarding to expand my scope as a yoga teacher through experiences with new audiences that inspire learning and discovery.  Dancers, although extremely athletic and gifted with incredible body awareness can definitely benefit from the practice and study of yoga which especially provides for this audience: a therapeutic approach for injuries;  practicing restoratives, pranayama and meditation to balance their nervous system; and an opportunity to explore new movement; and  to perform classical ballet poses with mindfulness.  The dancers can also  be inspired by exposure to something new–many of the students I’ve taught over the past summers have inquired about becoming yoga teachers or have dropped into some of my classes at Yogaworks. They too recognize the opportunity to enhance their careers or necessity for the continued study and practice of yoga.